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Street Legal Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooters

Street Legal Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooters

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Gas powered 150cc Icebear Aldo Motor Scooters

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic or spending a fortune on gas for your daily commute? Look no further than the Street Legal Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooters. These scooters offer superb efficiency, an exciting ride, and the freedom to navigate through busy streets with ease. Let's dive into the details and explore why the ALDO 150cc Scooters are the perfect choice for your commuting needs.

The Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooter is equipped with a reliable 150cc Four Stroke Air Cooled GY6 Engine. This powerful engine ensures optimal performance, allowing you to effortlessly cruise through city streets or embark on longer journeys. Experience the thrill of the open road as you zip past traffic with ease.

The ALDO Scooters feature a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads. With dimensions measuring 73.6"L x 26"W x 44"H, these scooters strike the perfect balance between maneuverability and comfort. Whether you're weaving through tight spaces or cruising along open roads, the ALDO Scooters provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Worried about the legalities of owning a scooter? Rest assured, the Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooters are authorized for road use in every state except California. Say goodbye to the hassle of public transportation or the inconvenience of finding parking spaces. With the ALDO Scooters, you can easily navigate through your daily commute and reach your destination in style.

Speed enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that the Icebear ALDO Scooters can reach speeds of 55+ mph. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you accelerate and effortlessly overtake slower vehicles. The scooters are equipped with Oversized Hydraulic ABS disc brakes in the front and a reliable rear drum brake system. This ensures that you have precise control and powerful braking, promoting safety and peace of mind on every ride.

One of the standout features of the ALDO Scooters is their impressive fuel efficiency. With a fuel capacity of 1.5 gallons, you can travel long distances without worrying about frequent refueling stops. Enjoy the freedom of the open road while saving money on gas. The Icebear ALDO 150cc Scooters offer an impressive 90+ MPG, making them an economical choice for your daily commute.


  • Engine: 150cc Four Stroke Air Cooled GY6 Engine
  • Dimensions: 73.6”L x 26”W x 44”H
  • Recommended Age: 16+
  • Max Weight Cap: 300 Lbs.
  • Fuel Cap: 1.5 Gallon
  • Tire Size: 90/90-12"
  • Transmission: CVT Automatic / No Reverse
  • Brake System: Rear Drum / Front Hydraulic
  • Speed: 55+ mph
  • Adjustable Speed Governor: No
  • Wireless Remote Start/Stop: No
  • Safety Stop Lanyard: No
  • Seat Height from Ground: 29.8"
  • Starting: Electric & Kick

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