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Warranty Policy

The Warranty Policy is simple here at Q9 Powersports USA 
ENGINE: Every machine that we sell comes with a one-year internal engine parts warranty from the date of purchase which covers all parts inside the engine from manufactures defects.

ELECTRICAL: All of our machines come with a three month electrical parts warranty which covers all electrical parts from manufactures defects except for lightbulbs, fuses and batteries.

SUPPORT: All of our customers receive lifetime technical support from our service technicians for as long as you own the machine

ROUTE SHIPPING INSURANCE: If you elect the offered shipping insurance Route covers 100% of the replacement cost of the machine if it is lost, stolen, or damaged in shipment. If your machine arrives with damages, take pictures and contact us right away and we can make a claim for replacement parts and get them sent out, if it is heavily damaged during freight Try to contact us with the freight company still there and take pictures Of the damages for the insurance claim. If you refuse the shipment make sure to document that on the freight invoice the trucker has you sign. *Pictures are important