Warranty Policy

The Warranty Policy is simple here at Q9 Powersports USA 

ENGINE: Every machine that we sell comes with a 1 YEAR (365 DAYS) internal engine parts warranty from the date of purchase which covers all parts inside the engine case from manufactures defects.

ELECTRICAL: All of our machines come with a 3 MONTH (90 DAYS) electrical parts warranty which covers all electrical parts from manufactures defects except for lightbulbs, fuses and batteries.

SUPPORT: All of our customers receive lifetime technical support from our service technicians for as long as you own the machine. Non-Transferable

LABOR: If you purchase a machine off of one of our showroom floor locations the machine comes with 30 DAYS free labor from that service center at that location. If you assembled the machine yourself and didn't purchase an assembled unit off of our sales floor, there is no service center labor warranty included on the machine. Only machines assembled by our assemblers in our service center come with a labor warranty.

NOT COVERED: Frame Welds, Rip's, tears, body cracks, tires, light bulbs, items damages caused by mis-use, any added performance parts, if the machine is used for racing, damage from crashing, batteries, warn out parts and Shipping Costs.

SERVICE CENTER WARRANTY: Any Repair made by one of our service technicians from our Service Center is covered for 30 days from the date of repair. 

This manufacturers Limited Parts Warranty covers the replacement parts cost only and does not include shipping cost nor does it cover shop service labor on repairs made in our service centers.