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PRE-ORDER Program - Q9 PowerSports USA

2020 PRE-ORDERS/ COVID-19 Update * We have been experiencing Black Friday type sales everyday for over 3.5 month straight, During times of high sales volumes our company works with the manufacturers to PRE-ORDER temporarily out of stock / sold out machines, so that PRE-ORDERS are filled first automatically when our inventory arrives before it is listed back In Stock on our website for sale and before we supply the other online dealers with inventory.

PRE-ORDERS are filled in the order that they are received for the model purchased, it also secure the current sales price even if we have too raise the price on the new incoming machines, the helmet special is also locked in even if we end the special while your waiting for your PRE-ORDER to ship.

 SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE * We are receiving containers in weekly and are working as fast as we can to fulfill our remaining Pre-orders from May, April, June and July with incoming inventory and setting up production to keep up with the extreme demand. We have a number of current Pre-Orders to fill, so Placing a Pre-Order now 8-1-2020 will not be able to be filled until Christmas time. Please plan ahead as most products will be sold out this year on pre-order around the holiday season do to high demands on pre-ordered inventory.
Current Pre-Orders Please understand this is taking time for us to fill orders and we do not control the US Ports, US Customs, nor the freight companies. The Covid Pandemic has left its mark in our entire industry and other related supporting industries, temporarily slowing down production, limiting staff for all locations and limiting support staff from other companies and everybody is having the same issues in our line of business. All of our manufacturers are at full production Now and despite the social unrest near some of our major distribution warehouses, our company is still filling orders and shipping units out as fast as we receive them. This is not how we have typically done business for the last 16 years, this is how we adapted to the current economic situation and plan on things going back to normal over the course of a few months. We appreciate and value your business & Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

You can cancel your PRE-ORDER at anytime up until it arrives to our distribution warehouse and is on a semi truck for your order, once it is loaded for delivery our return policy applies.
You will be notified once your machine order is in route on the way.
We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times and look forward to doing business with you.