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TaoTao Hellcat 125

Once you sit on the motorcycle, it is very easy to get familiar with all the features. The cluster gauge is easy to read and displays speed, mileage, gas capacity, and even the time. The clutch lever is effortless to pull and makes riding a lot less stressful when transitioning through each gear. Getting the machine started is also effortless with its electric start function. In addition, it uses an automatic choke for colder weather if necessary. We recommend premium gas at 91 octane or above with no ethanol if possible in these machines. They do have carbureted fuel systems which do tend to be a little more sensitive and can get dirty if not used frequently. The weight of the rider will influence the speed of the machine which is made to go around 50+mph. The maximum weight of the rider should not exceed 350lbs to avoid improper speed on the road and general safety when riding. Oil changes are a simple process too. Drain the oil from the bottom 17mm plug and plug it back up before adding the new oil. You'll also want to use 10W-40 grade at 18fl. ounces. The biggest comparison and difference that people will make is that it is the same as a Honda Grom. The big difference is the fuel system and the price.


Riding the machine feels as good as you would imagine it too. It’s very easy to maneuver due to its lightweight frame. Another bonus is the gas milage being around 130 miles per gallon with a 1.5 gallon gas tank. Even on a smaller machine like this, as you shift through the gears, you’ll still feel the power band as it pulls you up to speed. There is a lot to like about this motorcycle.

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