Gas Powered Small Kids 4 Wheelers for Beginners

Gas Powered Small Kids 4 Wheelers for Beginners

Gas Powered Small Kids 4 Wheelers for Beginners

Beginners 110cc Small Kids ATVs

Tao Motor Inc produces these 110cc Small Kids ATVs to the highest standards. This Kids ATV is ideal for novice riders to gain familiarity with operating ATVs on a smaller scale; these gas-powered small kids ATVs possess the same features as full-sized ATVs.

This high-quality, durable Small Kids ATV is crafted from robust 12 gauge steel, MIG welded for optimal strength, and includes a fully automatic, air-cooled Four Stroke Gas Engine modeled after Honda's 1980's ATC design, enabling a user weight capacity of up to 150 pounds.

Featuring working front headlight, rear tail lights, brake lights, hydraulic rear foot brake, dual from drum brakes, electric push-button start, adjustable speed governor, safety tether, adjustable compressed coil suspension, dual front a-arm design for successful turning, tubeless off-road knobby tires and a keyed ignition, this 110cc Small Kids ATV is a well-equipped choice.

The top speed on this 110cc Small kids ATV is about 26 MPH and that can be gradually reduced down to as little as 5 MPH using the speed governor that is equipped on these small kids ATVs.

Designed with safety in mind, the Tao Motor Inc Beginners 110cc Small Kids ATV includes a wireless remote stop feature. This allows parents or guardians to stop the ATV remotely in case of an emergency or to control the riding speed of their young riders. Additionally, a safety stop lanyard is provided, ensuring that the engine shuts off if the rider falls off the ATV.

With a seat height from the ground of 24 inches and a seat height from the footrests of 14 inches, this ATV is suitable for children aged 10 and above. The adjustable speed governor allows parents to limit the maximum speed to a safe and manageable level based on their child's skill level and experience.

Parents can feel confident in the safety features of the Beginners 110cc Small Kids ATVs. The sturdy construction and reliable braking system ensure stability and control during rides. The adjustable compressed coil suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrains.

One of the standout features of this ATV is the wireless remote stop feature. With a simple push of a button, parents or guardians can remotely stop the ATV, giving them peace of mind knowing they have control over the vehicle's movements. This feature is especially useful in emergency situations where immediate intervention is necessary.

The adjustable speed governor is another important safety feature. By setting a maximum speed limit, parents can ensure that their children ride at a safe and manageable speed. This allows young riders to build confidence and develop their skills gradually, without overwhelming them with excessive speed.

The Tao Motor Inc Beginners 110cc Small Kids ATV is designed to provide a fun and thrilling riding experience while prioritizing the safety of young riders. The dual front a-arm design allows for smooth and successful turning, enhancing maneuverability and control. The tubeless off-road knobby tires provide excellent traction, ensuring a stable ride on various terrains.

It is essential for parents to ensure that their children are wearing appropriate safety gear, such as helmets, goggles, gloves, and protective clothing, while riding the Beginners 110cc Small Kids ATVs. By following safety guidelines and providing proper supervision, parents can create a safe and enjoyable riding environment for their young riders.

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