Electric Kick Scooter Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Electric Kick Scooter Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Professional Electric Kick Scooter Repair in Madison, WI

If you're in Madison, Wisconsin, and find yourself in need of electric kick scooter repair, look no further than Q9 PowerSports USA. With their expertise and convenient location at 2613 S. Stoughton Rd, Madison, WI 53716, Q9 PowerSports USA is your go-to destination for all your e-scooter repair needs.

Convenient Pick-Up Service

Q9 PowerSports USA understands that it can be inconvenient to transport your electric kick scooter to their location. That's why they offer a convenient pick-up service in the Madison area. Whether you're near the UW Campus or anywhere else in Madison, their team will come to you and bring your scooter back to their repair shop.

Expert Technicians

When it comes to e-scooter repair, you want to trust your scooter to experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Q9 PowerSports USA employs a team of experts who specialize in electric scooter repairs. They have the skills and expertise to diagnose and fix any issues your scooter may have, ensuring it's back on the road in no time.

Quality Service

Q9 PowerSports USA is committed to providing top-notch service to their customers. They take pride in their work and strive for customer satisfaction. Whether you need a minor repair, battery replacement, or any other scooter maintenance, you can trust that Q9 PowerSports USA will deliver exceptional service every time.

Wide Range of Repairs

No matter the issue with your electric kick scooter, Q9 PowerSports USA has the expertise to handle it. From simple repairs like brake adjustments and tire replacements to more complex issues like motor repairs and controller replacements, their technicians have the knowledge and experience to get your scooter up and running again.

Genuine Parts

When it comes to replacing parts on your electric kick scooter, Q9 PowerSports USA only uses genuine parts to ensure the highest quality and compatibility. They understand the importance of using authentic components to maintain the performance and longevity of your scooter.

Competitive Pricing

Q9 PowerSports USA offers competitive pricing for their electric kick scooter repair services. They believe in providing value for their customers while delivering excellent service. You can trust that you're getting fair and transparent pricing for any repair or maintenance work.

Convenient Location

Their location at 2613 S. Stoughton Rd, Madison, WI 53716, is easily accessible, making it convenient for scooter owners in and around Madison. Whether you're a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison or a local resident, Q9 PowerSports USA is just a short drive away.

Customer Satisfaction

Q9 PowerSports USA values their customers and strives for complete satisfaction. They prioritize open communication and ensure that their customers are informed about the repair process every step of the way. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can expect a positive and stress-free experience.


When it comes to electric kick scooter repair in Madison, Wisconsin, Q9 PowerSports USA is the name you can trust. With their expert technicians, convenient pick-up service, wide range of repairs, genuine parts, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are your one-stop-shop for all your e-scooter repair needs. Don't let a broken scooter slow you down – contact Q9 PowerSports USA today and get back on the road!

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