Christmas 2019 - Don't Wait Beat the Rush, before we sell out!

Christmas 2019 - Don't Wait Beat the Rush, before we sell out!

2019 Holiday Season:

Its the Holiday Season, so whoop de do! Here at Q9 Powersports, we love the holidays, but it can be a stressful time as well. With all of the hustle and bustle of making sure everything is perfect it can be stressful. We want to try and keep you prepared at Q9 Powersports, by trying to keep you informed about how it is beneficial to you to order early and get things moving with plenty of time for the holidays.

During the holidays we experience a much higher volume of sales. With that being said the inventory values can change in the blink of an eye! We could have the unit you’re looking for one day and the next we could be totally out. So securing your order by ordering early is the way to go. The machines come pretty well covered in cardboard and can easily be covered to hide them. Some of the boxes will have the model printed on them but won’t say exactly what it is. 

Along with our higher-order volume, our trucking companies will also experience a higher volume of orders, meaning trucks will get filled up faster and shipping times may be delayed just a bit. Also not to mention you have factor in weather storms as well if that is something that affects your area that can delay shipments as well. 

With all that being said you will want to make sure you get your order in! The earlier the better to assure you not only get the color you want but also get it with plenty of time to set it up so that when you get to Christmas morning you can run out and have the gift ready to go for the person you are buying it for! Call and ask about our holiday specials and our holiday shipping. 

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