Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Best ATV Trails in South Carolina

Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Best ATV Trails in South Carolina

Exploring the Best ATV Trails in South Carolina

If you're an ATV enthusiast looking for thrilling adventures in South Carolina, you're in luck. The state is home to a variety of ATV trails that offer beautiful scenery and exciting challenges. Here are some of the best ATV trails in South Carolina:

1. Carolina Adventure World

Located in Winnsboro, Carolina Adventure World is a premier ATV destination in South Carolina. With over 100 miles of well-maintained trails, riders of all skill levels can enjoy the experience. The trails wind through forests, fields, and even offer scenic lake views. The park also offers camping facilities, making it a perfect weekend getaway for ATV enthusiasts.

2. Enoree OHV Trail

Situated in the Enoree Ranger District of the Sumter National Forest, the Enoree OHV Trail is a popular choice for ATV riders. The trail system spans over 41 miles and offers a mix of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails. While exploring, riders can admire the diverse flora and fauna of the forest. It's important to note that a permit is required to ride on the Enoree OHV Trail.

3. Cedar Springs OHV Trail

Located in the Long Cane Ranger District of the Sumter National Forest, the Cedar Springs OHV Trail is another fantastic option for ATV enthusiasts. The trail system covers approximately 29 miles and offers a range of difficulties. Riders can enjoy the picturesque views of rolling hills and forests. Just like the Enoree OHV Trail, a permit is required to ride on the Cedar Springs OHV Trail.

4. Manchester State Forest

For ATV riders seeking a more rugged and challenging experience, Manchester State Forest is a great choice. With miles of designated ATV trails, this forest offers a thrilling off-roading adventure. The trails wind through dense woodlands, allowing riders to immerse themselves in nature. It's important to follow all rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

5. Wambaw Cycle Trail

If you're looking for a scenic ATV trail, the Wambaw Cycle Trail is an excellent option. Located in the Francis Marion National Forest, this trail spans around 40 miles and showcases the beauty of the Lowcountry. Riders can enjoy the serene surroundings, including marshes, swamps, and towering pine trees. A permit is required to ride on the Wambaw Cycle Trail.


South Carolina offers a plethora of thrilling ATV trails for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you prefer picturesque views or challenging terrains, the state has something to offer. Remember to follow all safety guidelines and obtain the necessary permits before embarking on your ATV adventure in South Carolina!

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