The Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with Reverse for Ages 10+

The Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with Reverse for Ages 10+


The Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with reverse is the perfect entry-level vehicle for young riders aged 10 and above. This small-sized ATV is designed to provide a safe and exciting riding experience for kids who are new to ATVs.

Rock 110cc Small Kids ATV with Reverse

The Rock 110cc Kids ATV features a compact design with a 110cc four-stroke air-cooled Honda-style engine, providing reliable and efficient performance. Its smaller size allows young riders to become familiar with ATV operation gradually, while still enjoying all the features of larger models.

Equipped with a working headlight and reverse function, tail lights, brake lights, hydraulic rear foot brake, and dual front drum brakes, this ATV ensures optimal safety on and off the road. The electric start and adjustable speed governor allow parents to control the ATV's speed and ensure a comfortable riding experience for their children.

The 12-gauge steel frame and MIG welds of the Rock 110cc Kids ATV provide exceptional strength and long-term durability. With its adjustable coil suspension, dual front A-arm design, and tubeless off-road knobby tires, this ATV offers a smooth and stable ride on various terrains.

The Rock 110cc Small Kids ATV has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, making it suitable for most young riders. It is equipped with a speed governor, allowing for a maximum speed of up to 26 MPH, with the capability to reduce it to as little as 5 MPH for added safety.


  • Compact design for young riders
  • 110cc four-stroke air-cooled Honda-style engine
  • Working headlight and reverse function
  • Tail lights and brake lights for enhanced safety
  • Hydraulic rear foot brake and dual front drum brakes
  • Electric start and adjustable speed governor
  • Adjustable coil suspension for a smooth ride
  • Dual front A-arm design for stability
  • Tubeless off-road knobby tires for various terrains
  • Maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds

The Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with reverse is not just about fun and excitement. It also prioritizes safety. The 12-gauge steel frame and MIG welds guarantee exceptional strength and long-term durability, ensuring that young riders can enjoy their ATV for years to come.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that they have full control over their child's riding experience. The adjustable speed governor allows them to limit the speed of the ATV, ensuring that it is suitable for their child's skill level and providing an extra layer of safety.

With its compact design, these ATVs for kids are easy to maneuver, making it ideal for young riders who are new to operating vehicles. The automatic transmission with reverse simplifies the riding experience, allowing riders to focus on enjoying their time on the ATV without worrying about shifting gears.

The Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with reverse is not just a vehicle; it's an investment in your child's development and outdoor exploration. Riding an ATV can teach kids valuable lessons about responsibility, motor skills, and confidence. It allows them to connect with nature and experience the thrill of adventure in a controlled and safe environment.

When you purchase the Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with reverse, you not only get a high-quality vehicle but also excellent customer support. The ATV comes with a 1-year engine parts warranty and a 3-month electrical parts warranty, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. Additionally, lifetime technical support is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ordering the Tao Motor Rock 110cc Kids ATV with reverse is easy and convenient. The ATV is eligible for free shipping within the continental 48 United States, with a value of $300. It also includes free residential liftgate delivery service, making it hassle-free to receive your new ATV right at your doorstep.

For a limited time, Tao Motor Inc. is offering a $50 manufacturer's rebate for completion of ASI online ATV safety training courses. This rebate not only encourages safe riding practices but also provides an extra incentive for parents to ensure their child's safety education.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to introduce your child to the world of ATV riding.Β \

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