The Best Entry Level Gas Powered Kids ATVs for Beginners

The Best Entry Level Gas Powered Kids ATVs for Beginners

RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs: Perfect for Younger Riders

RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs

The RPS 110cc Gas Powered Small Kids ATVs are an excellent choice for inexperienced youth riders. These ATVs are equipped with a four-stroke, fully automatic, gas-powered 110cc engine. Designed with safety in mind, they feature a speed regulator that permits speeds of only a few miles per hour, providing a controlled and safe riding experience for beginners.

These ATVs are compact in size, allowing young riders to become accustomed to operating an ATV, which will facilitate their eventual transition to a larger model. The scaled-down design enables easy maneuverability, making it suitable for various terrains and riding conditions.

Powered by a durable 110cc four-stroke engine, these ATVs deliver smooth and reliable performance. The air-cooled Honda-style engine ensures efficient cooling, enhancing the ATV's longevity. Additionally, with the automatic transmission, young riders can focus on enjoying the ride without the hassle of shifting gears, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Safety is a top priority, and the RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs come with features such as a speed regulator, wireless remote stop, and a safety stop lanyard, providing an extra layer of protection for young riders. The ergonomically designed seat ensures a comfortable riding position, and the adjustable speed governor allows for a customized experience based on the rider's skill level and size.


  • Engine: 110cc Four Stroke Air Cooled Honda Style Engine
  • Dimensions: 48.3”L x 29.13”W x 31.5”H
  • Drive: Chain
  • Max Weight Capacity: 135 Lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.4L
  • Tire Size: 14.5 x 7 x 6
  • Transmission: CVT Automatic / No Reverse
  • Brake System: Front Drum / Rear Hydraulic Disk
  • Speed: 5 mph - 26 mph
  • Adjustable Speed Governor: Yes
  • Wireless Remote Stop: Yes
  • Safety Stop Lanyard: Yes
  • Seat Height from Ground: 21”
  • Ground Clearance: 3.25”

For young riders, gaining experience on a beginner-friendly ATVs like the RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs is crucial for developing the skills and confidence needed for future off-road adventures. The compact size and approachable power of these ATVs make them an ideal choice for children to learn and grow their passion for powersports.

Enhancing the Riding Experience

Aside from the safety features, the RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs are designed to enhance the overall riding experience. The ergonomic structure of the ATVs ensures a comfortable and natural riding position, allowing young riders to feel in control and at ease while learning to maneuver the vehicle. Furthermore, the adjustable speed governor enables parents to customize the speed limit, gradually increasing it as the young rider gains more proficiency and confidence.

The automatic transmission eliminates the need for gear shifting, enabling young riders to focus on steering and mastering the basics of riding, fostering a smooth and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the wireless remote stop feature provides parents with the ability to stop the ATV remotely, adding an extra layer of reassurance for their children's safety.

Durability and Longevity

The RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs are built to last, boasting a durable 110cc four-stroke engine that delivers a blend of power and reliability. The air-cooled design of the engine ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to its longevity. This robust construction instills confidence in parents, knowing that the ATV can withstand the rigors of learning and still provide reliable performance for years to come.

Furthermore, the solid construction and quality components translate to minimal maintenance, allowing young riders to focus on honing their skills without the worry of frequent repairs or upkeep. This reliability gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their children can enjoy countless hours of safe and exhilarating outdoor fun.

Ready for Adventure

The RPS 110cc Small Kids ATVs are designed to tackle various terrains, providing a gateway for young riders to explore and appreciate the great outdoors. With their sturdy construction and adaptable performance, these ATVs instill confidence in young riders to take on new challenges and embark on memorable adventures with friends and family.

These ATVs are the perfect choice for introducing kids to the thrill of off-road riding while emphasizing safety and responsible riding practices. The adjustable speed governor and safety features create an environment where children can develop the skills and confidence necessary to become safe and proficient riders as they progress to larger machines in the future.

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