The Best Electric Scooter for Adults on the Market

The GEEBEE® is the result of many years of research and development, supported by many stakeholders and programs. The GEEBEE Electric Scooter lets you get around the way a bicycle does, only more comfortably. It provides more flexibility than a scooter and greater safety than a personal transporter. The concept is based on the Geebee’s all-terrain capability. It can handle asphalt as well as loose or uneven ground. It is able to climb onto sidewalks or over obstacles so that you can venture anywhere, providing a sense of freedom. Made from the highest quality materials and professionally crafted for durability and longevity. The GeeBee electric scooter comes equipped with a handle bar light, digital Display that tells you how fast you are going, battery life display and it keeps mileage on the Scooter. It also has 5 adjustable push button  speed settings which allows for younger operators to learn how to control the machine before allowing them to operate it at its max speed and allows the operator a wider range of control in different areas of use, such as workplace facility’s And heavily populated areas
These GeeBee Electric Scooters are normally sold to businesses to be used as Rental Equipment, or directly to companies and security firms with large properties that need durable, reliable transportation solutions for their staff, but now these commercial quality adult electric scooter are available directly to the public. Not available in any stores and sold only though a factory authorized distributor. These premium adult sized electric scooters are One of a Kind and Made by Trade craftsmen from the Highest  Quality materials. The GeeBee is ideal for municipalities, corporate travel, internal use to get around large facilities, for patrol, logistics activities, work-work commuting, or perfect for the recreational tourism industry giving a new outdoor activity that lets you discover a city from a new perspective, start a rental business with a line of GeeBee Scooters and watch your profits rocket. These adult sized electric scooters have the highest quality lithium Ion Batteries available on the market today. Too Speeds Averages 20 MPH and the GeeBee has a 37 mile travel range. Completely custom made and manufactured in Canada. Imported by Q9 PowerSports USA. Free Residential Shipping in the 48 States.
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