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125cc Double Seat Youth Go Karts

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The 125cc Youth Go Karts are Equipped with a fully automatic Honda style, Four stroke Gas Engine that has reverse gear. The top speed on this Go Kart is about 34 MPH, but it has a mechanical governor installed to lower the speed down to 5 MPH for beginners to learn how to operate the machine.The governor is fully adjustable back up to the top speed, so you can increase the speed as the driver gains confidence in their ability driving the Go kart. The awesome 125cc Youth Go Kart are equipped with hydraulic front & rear disc brakes, racing style Bucket seats with four point racing style safety harnesses seat belts, working horn and dual front LED headlights and working LED roll bar headlights for nighttime driving. Large off road Tubeless tires that move this 125cc kids Go Kart through sand, mud, or snow with no issues. This Go Kart can hold 600 pounds and can accommodate riders up to 5.5' tall comfortably.


125cc Four Stroke Air Cooled Engine


74.81”L x 49”W x 52”H

Recommended Size

3.5 + Tall Person

Max Weight Cap

600 Lbs.

Fuel Cap

1.2 Gallon

Tire Size

Front / Rear - 16x8x7


CVT Automatic with Reverse

Brake System

Rear / Front Hydraulic


5 - 30 mph 

Adjustable Speed Governor


Wireless Remote Start/Stop


Safety Stop Lanyard


Adjustable driver seat




The Jeep 125cc Gas Powered Youth Go Kart is shipped via LTL Freight Carriers and will arrive on a Semi truck in a Steel Framed create that is wrapped in cardboard. The machine is mostly assembled already and only requires minor assembly from shipment packaging. The Go Kart will come with step by step  directions for the remaining basic assembly. It will also have an owners manual with written directions and a basic metric tool kit.  View the Basic written Assembly Instructions for the Jeep 125cc Youth Double Seat Go Kart.

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  • The 125 gocart says honda style motor what brand is it I don’t know what Honda style means

    Honda style means that the engine is identical to the Honda ATC three wheeler engines that Honda Used to manufacture, So they are also called Honda style because they can actually use Honda engine parts as replacement parts and we use Honda service manuals for engine specifications and torque settings. Our manufacture Tao motor Inc. manufactures these engines for their own machines. That’s what we mean when we say Honda Style Four Stroke Engine  

  • What is ground clearance

    Ground clearance on this youth go kart is 6 inches from the lowest point on the bottom of the machine

  • Is there only low gear or is there a high as well? How do you shift into high?

    This Gas Powered Youth go Kart has a CVT clutch that is fully automatic. (F-N-R) This Kids Go Kart has a Foward, Neutral and Reverse shift pattern

  • how much leg room does it have from the back of the seat to the gas peddle.

    This 2 Seater Gas Powered Youth Go Kart measures 29" from the back rest of the seat to the pedals and 20" from the front of the seat when it is all the way back. This go kart is equipped with an adjustable seat which has a 4" slide meaning it can be reduced to 26" from rear of seat and 16" from the fron to the pedals.

  • Can this product be purchased in Canada

    We do not offer freight shipping to Canada but we have shipped direct to exporters that do and finialize the shipment. You would have to set it up with an import company

  • How much does this go kart cost to ship to Mississippi?

     We are currently running a free shipping special and shipping is free on this gas Powered Go Kart.

  • How much is shipping cost to deliver to a business in North Carolina

    The 125cc Jeep Go Karts are on special and the shipping is free anywhere in the United States