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PowerMax gas powered 150cc Scooters

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The Powermax gas powered 150cc Scooters are one of our more popular scooters. Not only is the 150cc Powermax Scooter sleek and sporty but it has enough power to propel the machine 55+ MPH. The powermax 150 come standard with Oversized Hydraulic ABS front disc brakes and a rear drum brake for quick, safe stopping power. Other features include high/low beam headlight, rear brake light, turn signals and full speedo cluster displaying speed, fuel level and more. This 150cc Scooter is fully automatic and easy to operate, all you do is twist the throttle and go! It is completely street legal in every state including California and gets about 90+ MPG.  It is 100% DOT approved. Q9 will supply all the documentation to get your machine registered for Road use in your state.


150cc Four Stroke Air Cooled GY6 Engine


73.8”L x 26.3”W x 44”H

Recommended Age


Max Weight Cap

300 Lbs.

Fuel Cap

1.5 Gallon

Tire Size

 120/70 - 12" 


CVT Automatic / No Reverse

Brake System

Rear Drum / Front Hydraulic


55+ mph

Adjustable Speed Governor


Wireless Remote Start/Stop


Safety Stop Lanyard


Seat Height from ground



Electric & Kick

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  • Do you need a motorcycle license for this ??

    Yes in many states a motorcycle license is required for machines that are larger then 50cc.

  • What types of oil and gasoline should be used for the powermax 150?

    This gas powered scooter run On premium gasoline and uses 10w-40 motor oil in the crankcase.

  • How do I talk to someone about buying a scooter???

    Call our toll-free number at 1-888-252-9250 during business hours and speak to a sales agent I can answer any of your questions

  • Where can you choose the truck option for tao tao power max?

    There is not an option for the free trunk on the website,  that 150cc powermax scooters automatically comes with the trunk. 

  • I like this gas powered scooter, how much is shipping to Tennessee

    The Powermax 150cc gas powered scooters are on special and the shipping is free anywhere in the United States