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Where to Ride Dirt Bikes and Enduros in Wisconsin


Wisconsin offers a plethora of scenic landscapes and thrilling trails that are perfect for dirt bike and enduro enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner looking to explore off-road adventures, this article will guide you through some of the top spots in Wisconsin to ride dirt bikes and enduros.

1. Cheese Country Trail System

The Cheese Country Trail System is a network of trails spanning across several counties in southern Wisconsin. With over 100 miles of trails, riders can enjoy a mix of off-road terrains, including rolling hills, forests, and farmlands. This well-maintained trail system is ideal for both dirt bikes and enduros, offering a variety of difficulty levels to cater to riders of all skill levels.

One of the highlights of the Cheese Country Trail System is the Tri-County trail, which stretches for approximately 47 miles. This trail offers scenic views of the Wisconsin countryside, passing through picturesque towns and farmlands. The trail is well-maintained and provides a mix of easy and moderate sections, making it suitable for riders of all experience levels.

Another notable trail within the Cheese Country Trail System is the Pecatonica State Trail. This 9-mile trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor and is known for its stunning views of the Pecatonica River. Riders can expect a smooth and relatively flat ride, making it a great option for beginners or those looking for a more leisurely ride.

2. Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest

If you're looking for a more scenic and challenging ride, the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest is worth exploring. Located in northern Wisconsin, this vast forest offers over 200 miles of trails that wind through dense woodlands, picturesque lakes, and rugged terrains. Riders can enjoy the beauty of nature while testing their skills on the diverse trails available.

One of the most popular trails in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest is the Escanaba-Pallette Lake Trail. This 25-mile trail takes riders through a variety of landscapes, including pine and hardwood forests, wetlands, and rocky terrains. The trail is known for its challenging sections and stunning views of the surrounding lakes.

For those seeking a longer and more adventurous ride, the Razorback Ridges trail is a must-try. This 35-mile loop trail offers a mix of technical sections, hill climbs, and breathtaking views of the forest. Riders should be prepared for a challenging ride as the trail features rocky terrain and steep inclines.

3. Black River State Forest

Nestled in west-central Wisconsin, the Black River State Forest is another fantastic destination for dirt bike and enduro enthusiasts. With approximately 24 miles of designated motorized trails, riders can experience a mix of open fields, winding trails, and challenging hill climbs. The forest's diverse landscape and well-marked trails make it a popular choice for riders seeking adventure.

One of the main trails in the Black River State Forest is the Castle Mound Trail. This 11-mile loop trail offers a thrilling ride through dense forests and open meadows. Riders can expect a mix of tight turns, steep climbs, and descents, providing an exciting and challenging experience.

For riders looking for a longer and more scenic route, the East Fork Trail is a great choice. This 13-mile trail takes riders through the heart of the state forest, offering scenic views of the Black River and surrounding woodlands. The trail features a mix of technical sections and moderate terrain, making it suitable for riders of varying skill levels.

4. Rock River Trail

For those looking for a unique riding experience, the Rock River Trail is an excellent choice. This 320-mile scenic trail follows the course of the Rock River, offering riders breathtaking views of the water and surrounding landscapes. While primarily a hiking and biking trail, dirt bikes and enduros are permitted in certain sections, providing an unforgettable riding experience along the river's edge.

One of the highlights of the Rock River Trail is the segment between Jefferson and Fort Atkinson. This 10-mile section offers a mix of paved and gravel paths, perfect for riders looking for a leisurely ride along the river. The trail passes through parks, historic sites, and charming towns, allowing riders to take in the local culture and attractions.

5. Clark County ATV Trails

Located in central Wisconsin, the Clark County ATV Trails system boasts over 100 miles of designated trails that are open to dirt bikes and enduros. These well-groomed trails wind through forests, meadows, and even abandoned railroads, offering riders a diverse and exciting riding experience. The trails are well-marked and maintained, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure for riders of all levels.

One of the popular trails within the Clark County ATV Trails system is the Levis/Trow Mound Trail. This 25-mile trail takes riders through the scenic Levis Mound Recreation Area, featuring towering mounds, dense forests, and panoramic views. The trail offers a mix of technical sections, hill climbs, and open stretches, providing an exhilarating ride for experienced riders.

For riders seeking a more relaxed and family-friendly experience, the Bruce Mound Winter Sports Area offers a 10-mile trail suitable for all skill levels. The trail winds through a picturesque landscape, passing by a beautiful lake and offering opportunities for picnicking and wildlife spotting.


Wisconsin is a haven for dirt bike and enduro riders, offering a wide range of trails that cater to all skill levels and preferences. Exploring the Cheese Country Trail System, Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, Black River State Forest, Rock River Trail, and Clark County ATV Trails will provide you with thrilling rides and unforgettable experiences. Remember to always ride responsibly, respect the environment, and check local regulations before hitting the trails. Get ready to rev your engines and embark on an off-road adventure in beautiful Wisconsin!

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