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Super Fuel Efficiant 50cc Gas Powered Scooters get 100+ Miles Per Gallon

When it comes to affordable transportation, gas powered mopeds just cannot be beat. Not only are they cheap to purchase, cheap to operate, cheap to maintain and cheap to insure, but these lower priced affordable mopeds are lasting just as long as the Honda Sprees and Yamaha scooters that are being used on the road today. When touring any College Campus, take a look around and you'll see that 75% of the mopeds and Scooters that you see are off brand Chinese machines. Our Campus Cruiser 50cc Scooters are our most popular gas Powered four stroke moped that we offer and so popular around college campuses that it was dubbed the "Campus cruiser". Many officials, athletes and students use our affordable machines and have done so for going on over 14 years. No special license required, most states require a valid drivers license for road legal use. Please check with your local DMV for your area. BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL ONLY $749 DELIVERED WAS $799!

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