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RPS Magician 250cc Enduro Dirt Bike

The RPS 250cc Magician Enduro Dirt Bike has many features that make it appealing to buyers. The first word you see in the title after the name is enduro, so what does that mean? Being classified as an enduro this bike is built like a dirt bike and has the tires for off-road use, but can also be registered for on-road use as a motorcycle. We have another RPS model enduro the Hawk 250, which has similarities to the magician but the biggest difference is the frame. The magician is built for shorter riders that still want to enjoy the uniqueness of an enduro being that the seat height is about 5 inches shorter than the Hawk it’s an option if you’re shorter. With a 250cc 5 speed manual transmission this bike will easily get up to 55 mph+ so you’ll be able to ride on the highways. This bike has hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear to ensure fast and safe stops, it is also equipped with electric start and kick start backup. Equipped with front and rear turn signals, high and low beam headlight, and full instrument cluster this bike will be great for taking off road in the dirt or on the highways to get you from place to place.

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