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Rhino 250 Four Wheeler (2WD) Full Sized Utility ATV Only $1299

The Rhino 250 Four Wheelers have been one of our top selling ATVs for many years and there are many reasons why. Equipped with a 200cc four stroke gas engine that can get up to a top speed of around 50+ mph. With that engine it also has capabilities for towing, if you were to find a hitch you could attach it to the rear axle carrier and pull things for around the yard use. This atv is also equipped with LED headlights, an LED tail light, front and rear utility racks for hauling. For colors this machine comes in metallic red, metallic blue, black, and tree camo. The tires on this quad are 21” in the front and 22” and have a knobby tread that is great for going through dirt, snow and and any other terrain you choose to ride in. For just around $1,300 dollars this ATV is going to perform just as well as the name brand units, as long as routine maintenance is kept up with such as running premium gas and 1-2 oil changes every year but at less than half the cost of the name brand quads this one is a great deal

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