How to Properly size a Motocross Helmet

How to Properly size a Motocross Helmet

How to Fit a Helmet for Size

Many people wonder how to get a proper fit on their Off Road Motocross helmets and their Motorcycles Helmets. Here are a few basic steps to ensure you get the right fitting helmet to keep you safe when operating your gas powered machines.

A properly fitting helmet begins with an accurate measurement. Have a friend wrap a seamstress or tailor's tape around the fullest part of your head, located just above the eyebrows and ears, around the head to the starting point. Always double check the measurement. Based on the measurement, choose a helmet that is in your size range.

Next, put the helmet on and fasten the chin strap. the helmet should fit comfortably and squarely on your head.

Once the helmet is on your head and straps are securely fastened, move the helmet from side to side and up and down with your hands. Your helmet should feel the pressure of the movements, but the helmet should not move or shift. Note: A new helmet should be as tight as you can comfortably wear it, the helmet will loosen up a bit as the comfort liner compresses through use.

Finally, run your pinky finger between your head and the helmet liner new the forehead. If there are gaps or open spaces, the helmet is too big. A small helmet may be needed.

All helmets on the market, no matter the brand are single one-time use safety devices. Meaning that if a helmet saves you, it did its job, but the helmet integrity has been compromised and it will no longer do its designed job after that and needs to be replaced. This goes for $1500 Helmets and $80 Helmets, they are designed to work once. 

Helmet safety and Gas Powered PowerSports go hand in hand, wearing a Helmets when operating powersports is not a recommendation, it is as essential as having the key to turn on the machine. Wearing a Helmet is the best decision that anyone has made, who have been in an accident and lived to talk about it after the fact. 

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