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New TaoTao Raptor 125cc ATV for kids

The Raptor 125cc Kids ATV is a new model here at Q9powersports. This machine has a lot of upgrades from our previous 125cc models. One upgrade is the premium alloy rims and tires included with this machine which make driving it through mud, snow, or dirt that much better. This is the only 125cc model that is equipped with a digital dashboard which includes gear indication, temperature, speed and mileage. Along with these new upgrades this model still has all of the old features which make this class of atv so popular such as LED headlights and taillight and front and rear racks for hauling things. Safety has always been the priority on these machines and this one is no different, equipped with a speed governor to limit speeds from 5 mph-32 mph, a remote shut off switch that can be used within 100 yards and a tether switch for if the rider were to fall off would kill the spark and bring the machine to a rolling stop. Maintenance on these machines is super simple and is a great way to make sure that your unit is running at peak performance at all times. Running premium or ethanol free gas, doing an oil change 1-2 times per year and ensuring that all the nuts and bolts stay tight on the machine are the keys to making riding experience the best it can be and to get the best results out of your machine.    

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