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New Double Seat 200cc Rambler Go Kart with Free Shipping

The 200cc Rambler Go Kart is one of our top selling machines here at Q9 Powersports for a number of reasons. The 200cc engine equipped in this go-kart is big enough to propel this machine to a max speed of around 45 mph, but has a speed restrictor that can limit the speed down to 5-7 mph. If you live in certain states these karts meet most of the requirements needed to be registered for street use including headlights, turn signals and mirrors. The tires that come on this machine are very large and have knobby tread great for off-road use to go through mud, snow and dirt, it comes with a spare tire on the rear of the machine as well. Maintaining this machine is very simple and with a few steps such as running premium gas in the tank, keeping up on oil changes at least once a year and storing the battery if it is going to sit in cold weather this machine will last for as long as any other machine on the market. Safety is the biggest feature on this kart and with a 4 point racing harness seat belt system, steel roll cage that covers the machine, top and front headlights for night riding, it makes this kart very easy to operate safely and still have a blast in any conditions.

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