New 2018 TaoTao Small Gas Powered Youth Go Karts for Kids

The TaoTao small gas powered 110cc Go Kart for kids is one of our top selling machines for many reasons, the top reason being safety. This go-kart is equipped with a roll cage to prevent harm if rolled, although that would be very tough to do because of the wide wheelbase by design makes flipping this cart nearly impossible. The 110cc engine on this machine will run no matter the elements and has a top speed of 34 mph but if that’s too fast for your rider there is a governor behind the gas pedal that can limit the speed of this cart down to about 5 mph. Equipped with rugged off road tires this machine can go through mud, dirt or snow at any time of the day because it has headlights with low/high beam for night riding. With two seats in the cart this is the ideal machine for two younger riders to whip around safely on due to the seat belts equipped with this cart and it comes with a remote kill switch, if they weren’t riding in the way you wanted them too simply double tap a button on the remote and it will kill the spark from up to 100 yards away bringing the kart to a rolling stop.

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