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Husky 125cc Gas Powered Youth Utility Four Wheeler are just Built better

Safety in ATVs has come a long way since the old days of the honda 3-wheeler. The new youth atvs such as our 125cc Husky atv have made tremendous strides in terms of safety. First off the Honda 3-wheelers and older atvs were very easy to flip while riding. The Husky Has a low base and has a very wide wheelbase to combat flipping to where it’s virtually impossible. Another safety feature that has been added is a remote kill switch to where you can easily shut off your childs machine while supervising them if they get a little too rowdy, and it works up to 100 yards away! The throttle limiter is an amazing safety tool as well a simple screw and nut on the handlebars can limit how much throttle the rider has so it can be limited down to 5 mph for when they are first learning to ride properly. Lastly they have a handlebar tether switch that can attach to a wristband for if the rider were to fall off the machine it would kill the spark and bring the machine to a safe rolling stop.

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