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Affordable 2018 Gas Powered Scooters with free shipping

The Campus Cruiser 50cc gas powered moped has been our top seller for many reasons. One of the great things about this moped is the gas mileage it gets, at around 100 mpg it’s very cost efficient to run. Another great feature of this moped is that it has electric start and also kickstart backup for if your battery was dead. The Campus Cruiser is a great looking moped and has all the requirements to be street legal in every state and depending on your state laws this moped usually only requires a driver's license to operate. While looking great this moped has a very wide color selection including; black,red,white,blue,green,pink,orange,silver,gold,burgundy. There are also many upgrades you can do to this moped such as upgrading the CDI and ignition coil, installing a big bore kit to turn the 50cc to a 100cc or a performance variator to make takeoffs a lot faster. Equipped with oversized hydraulic ABS disc front brake and rear drum brakes makes for quick and safe stops. An instrument cluster displaying speed and fuel level is another great feature that this moped has along with high/low beam controls for safety. Storage is a plus with this unit, it has a front compartment along with under seat storage and also comes with a trunk for the rear for increased storage space.

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