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Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Tao Motor G200 Raptor ATV

Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Tao Motor G200 Raptor ATV

The Tao Motor G200 Raptor ATV is a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle that is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and outdoor explorers. With its impressive features and performance, this ATV is designed to conquer any terrain and provide an exhilarating riding experience.

The Full-Sized G200 Raptor Utility Four Wheeler is equipped with a 169cc Four Stroke Air Cooled Engine, delivering impressive horsepower and torque. This ensures a thrilling ride with quick acceleration and a top speed of over 40 mph, allowing you to tackle any challenging trail with ease.

Designed for comfort and control, the G200 Raptor 4 wheeler features dual front adjustable shocks that absorb bumps and vibrations, providing a smooth and stable ride. The dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes offer responsive stopping power, ensuring your safety in any situation.

One of the standout features of the G200 Raptor is its adjustable speed governor, allowing riders to set a maximum speed limit. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners and young riders who are learning to operate an ATV. The governor can be adjusted to reduce the top speed to as little as 5 MPH, providing a safe and controlled ride.


  • Engine: 169cc Four Stroke Air Cooled Engine
  • Dimensions: 73”L x 42”W x 44.4”H
  • Recommended Age: 16+
  • Weight: 400 Lbs.
  • Fuel Cap: 2.3 L
  • Tire Size: Front 23x7-10 Rear 22x10-10
  • Transmission: CVT Automatic with Reverse
  • Brake System: Front & Rear Hydraulic Disk
  • Speed: 40+ mph
  • Adjustable Speed Governor: Yes
  • Wireless Remote Start/Stop: No
  • Safety Stop Lanyard: No
  • Seat

The G200 Raptor ATV is not only powerful and exciting to ride, but it also offers great convenience and durability. With its large fuel capacity of 2.3 liters, you can ride for longer periods without worrying about refueling. The full-sized dimensions of 73”L x 42”W x 44.4”H provide ample space and comfortable seating for riders of all sizes.

Whether you're navigating through rocky terrains or cruising on open fields, the G200 Raptor's CVT automatic transmission with reverse gear ensures effortless maneuverability and smooth shifting. Reverse gear allows for easy backing up, making it convenient to get out of tight spots or maneuver in tricky situations.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to off-road vehicles, and the G200 Raptor does not disappoint. The dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, allowing for quick and controlled deceleration. Additionally, the adjustable speed governor allows you to set a maximum speed limit, ideal for beginners who are still honing their riding skills.

The Full size G200 Raptor ATV is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Its rugged construction and sturdy frame ensure durability and longevity, so you can confidently tackle any off-road adventure. The front adjustable shocks absorb impacts and vibrations, providing a smoother ride even on rough terrains.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Tao Motor G200 Raptor ATV offers an exceptional off-road experience. With its power, performance, and versatility, it's the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Experience the thrill and power of the Tao Motor G200 Raptor ATV. Get your own Full-Sized G200 Raptor Utility Four Wheeler today and explore the great outdoors like never before!

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