Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Best ATV Trails in Nebraska

Q9 PowerSports Reviews - Best ATV Trails in Nebraska

Exploring the Best ATV Trails in Nebraska

If you're an off-roading enthusiast and happen to find yourself in Nebraska, you're in luck. The state is home to a variety of breathtaking ATV trails that offer thrilling adventures and picturesque views. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, Nebraska has something for everyone. Let's dive into the best ATV trails in Nebraska!

1. Nebraska National Forest ATV Trail

Nestled in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, the Nebraska National Forest ATV Trail offers a unique off-roading experience. With over 22 miles of trails, riders can explore the scenic beauty of the forest while tackling various terrains. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you navigate through the pine-covered dunes and grassy meadows.

2. Boneyard Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area

Located near Ericson, the Boneyard OHV Area is a popular destination for ATV enthusiasts. This 2,500-acre area features a diverse range of trails suitable for all skill levels. From rolling hills to challenging mud pits, riders can test their skills while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding prairies.

3. Calamus State Recreation Area

If you're looking for a trail with a mix of adventure and relaxation, Calamus State Recreation Area is the place to be. Situated near Burwell, this area offers 5 miles of designated ATV trails that wind through the picturesque Calamus Reservoir. After an exhilarating ride, you can unwind by fishing or camping by the lake.

4. Platte River State Park ATV Trails

Platte River State Park, located near Louisville, offers a variety of outdoor activities, including ATV riding. With 5 miles of well-maintained trails, riders can explore the park's scenic beauty and encounter wildlife along the way. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning views of the Platte River Valley.

5. Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway

For those seeking a longer ATV adventure, the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway is a must-visit. This 272-mile route winds through the mesmerizing Sandhills region and offers a mix of on-road and off-road trails. Along the way, you'll encounter vast grasslands, rolling sand dunes, and charming small towns.

Before embarking on your ATV adventure, it's essential to check the rules and regulations of each trail. Always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate protective gear and respecting the environment. Now, get ready to kick up some dust and experience the thrill of Nebraska's best ATV trails!

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