People that Park Right in Front of the Entrance at Walmart

People that Park Right in Front of the Entrance at Walmart

Why do people just think they can park wherever they want to?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the lack of parking space at Walmart? It seems like no matter what time of day you visit, there are always those individuals who believe they have the right to park right in front of the entrance. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this behavior and discuss why people think they can get away with it.

1. Convenience:

One of the main reasons why people choose to park right in front of the Walmart entrance is convenience. They want to minimize the distance they have to walk from their car to the store, especially if they have heavy items to carry or if the weather is unfavorable. This desire for convenience often leads them to disregard parking regulations and common courtesy.

2. Lack of Awareness:

Another factor contributing to this behavior is a lack of awareness. Some individuals may not be fully aware of the designated parking areas or the impact their actions have on others. They might not realize that parking in front of the entrance can cause congestion and inconvenience for other shoppers. Educating people about proper parking etiquette could help address this issue.

3. Sense of Entitlement:

Some people believe they are entitled to park right in front of the entrance simply because they want to. They may think that their time is more valuable than others' and that they deserve special treatment. This sense of entitlement can lead to selfish parking habits, as they prioritize their own convenience over the needs of others.

4. Lack of Enforcement:

Another reason why people continue to park in front of the entrance at Walmart is the lack of enforcement. If there are no consequences for their actions, individuals are more likely to engage in behavior that benefits them personally, even if it inconveniences others. Increasing enforcement of parking regulations could deter this behavior and encourage compliance.

5. Peer Influence:

People are often influenced by the actions of others. If they see others parking in front of the entrance without facing any consequences, they may feel justified in doing the same. This creates a cycle of behavior that is difficult to break. By setting a good example and encouraging proper parking habits, we can help shift this norm.

6. Lack of Alternatives:

In some cases, people may feel compelled to park in front of the entrance due to a lack of available parking alternatives. If the designated parking areas are insufficient or too far away, individuals may resort to parking in unauthorized spaces. Walmart can address this issue by expanding their parking facilities or implementing a system to manage parking more effectively.

7. Time Constraints:

For some shoppers, time constraints play a significant role in their decision to park in front of the entrance. They may be in a hurry and believe that parking closer to the entrance will save them time. However, this behavior disregards the needs of other shoppers and can result in congestion and delays. It is important to prioritize the overall shopping experience for everyone.

8. Lack of Consideration:

Unfortunately, some individuals simply lack consideration for others. They may not understand or care about the inconvenience their actions cause to fellow shoppers or the potential safety hazards they create. Promoting empathy and respect for others can help address this issue and create a more harmonious shopping environment.

9. Accessibility Concerns:

There are instances where individuals with disabilities or limited mobility may choose to park in front of the entrance for accessibility reasons. While it is important to accommodate their needs, it is equally important to ensure that designated accessible parking spaces are available and that individuals without disabilities do not misuse them. Walmart should provide sufficient accessible parking spaces to cater to the needs of all customers.

10. Lack of Parking Etiquette:

Parking etiquette is often overlooked or disregarded by some shoppers. They may not be familiar with the unspoken rules of parking, such as maintaining proper spacing between vehicles or avoiding parking in fire lanes. Promoting awareness of parking etiquette through signage and public campaigns can help improve the situation.


Inconsiderate parking in front of the entrance at Walmart is a common issue that stems from a combination of convenience, lack of awareness, sense of entitlement, lack of enforcement, peer influence, lack of alternatives, time constraints, lack of consideration, accessibility concerns, and a lack of parking etiquette. By addressing these factors and promoting proper parking habits, we can create a more pleasant shopping experience for everyone. So, let's be mindful of where we park and show respect for others when visiting our local Walmart!

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