Why everyone Alive During the 80's Hates Cancel Culture

Why everyone Alive During the 80's Hates Cancel Culture

The Golden Era of the 80's

The 80's, a decade filled with big hair, neon colors, and unforgettable music, holds a special place in the hearts of those who experienced it. It was a time of freedom, self-expression, and a carefree attitude that seems to have disappeared in today's cancel culture.

Celebrating Individuality

During the 80's, individuality was embraced and celebrated. People had the freedom to express themselves without fear of being judged or canceled. It was a time when artists pushed boundaries, musicians created diverse and innovative sounds, and fashion was a bold statement of personal style.

The Power of Music

Music during the 80's was a unifying force that brought people together. Whether it was the infectious pop tunes of Michael Jackson, the rebellious rock anthems of Guns N' Roses, or the thought-provoking lyrics of artists like Madonna, music had the power to unite and uplift.

Embracing Mistakes and Growth

In the 80's, making mistakes was seen as a part of life and growth. People were given second chances and opportunities to learn from their errors. It was a time when forgiveness and redemption were valued, rather than immediate condemnation and cancelation.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech was highly regarded during the 80's. People could voice their opinions and engage in healthy debates without the fear of being silenced or labeled as offensive. It was a time when open dialogue and intellectual discussions were encouraged, fostering an environment of learning and understanding.

The Downfall of Cancel Culture

Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves living in an era of cancel culture. While it may have started with good intentions, it has grown into a toxic environment where anyone can be canceled for a simple mistake or a difference of opinion. The 80's generation, who experienced a different world, find it hard to relate to the hypersensitivity and lack of forgiveness that cancel culture promotes.

Preserving the Spirit of the 80's

Those who lived through the 80's long for a return to the values of that era. They yearn for a time when individuality was celebrated, music brought people together, mistakes were seen as opportunities for growth, and freedom of speech was cherished.

In conclusion, cancel culture may have its place in society, but it is met with disdain by those who experienced the freedom and joy of the 80's. The spirit of that decade lives on in the hearts of those who still value individuality, forgiveness, and the power of music to connect people. It's time we reflect on the lessons of the 80's and strive to create a more inclusive and understanding culture.

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