America's Powersports Trade Show 2024

America's Powersports Trade Show 2024

The Largest PowerSports Trade Show in America 

The AIMEXPO (American International Motorcycle Expo) is one of the largest and most exciting powersports trade shows in America. Held annually, the AIMEXPO brings together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and manufacturers for a four-day extravaganza. The upcoming AIMEXPO in 2024 is set to take place in Las Vegas from February 6th to 9th. This event promises to be a must-attend for anyone passionate about motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, and other powersports vehicles.

What to Expect

The AIMEXPO in Las Vegas in 2024 will showcase the latest innovations, trends, and products in the powersports industry. With over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, this trade show offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, discover new products, and network with like-minded individuals.


The AIMEXPO 2024 will feature a wide range of exciting activities and events. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Exhibitor booths: Explore the vast exhibition hall filled with displays from leading powersports manufacturers, aftermarket companies, and accessory providers. Get an up-close look at the latest motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and more.
  • New product launches: Be the first to witness the unveiling of cutting-edge powersports vehicles, gear, and accessories. Stay updated on the industry's latest trends and advancements.
  • Ride & Drive experiences: Test ride the latest models from various manufacturers and experience the thrill of riding different powersports vehicles. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, there's something for everyone.
  • Seminars and workshops: Attend informative sessions conducted by industry experts and gain valuable insights into the powersports market, technology, and safety. Learn about the future of the industry and how to enhance your riding experience.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry professionals, dealers, and fellow enthusiasts. Build relationships, explore potential partnerships, and exchange knowledge with like-minded individuals who share your passion for powersports.

Why Attend?

Attending the AIMEXPO in Las Vegas in 2024 offers numerous benefits for powersports enthusiasts, dealers, and industry professionals alike:

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Be the first to discover the latest trends, innovations, and advancements in the powersports industry. Gain a competitive edge by staying up-to-date with the evolving market.
  • Expand your network: Connect with industry leaders, manufacturers, and distributors. Forge valuable connections that can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.
  • Educational opportunities: Attend seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts. Enhance your knowledge, learn new skills, and gain insights into the future of the powersports market.
  • Product showcase: Explore a vast array of products and accessories from renowned brands. Get hands-on experience with the latest models and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Experience the excitement: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the AIMEXPO. From the roar of engines to the buzz of conversations, this event is a celebration of all things powersports.

Connect with Industry Experts

The AIMEXPO 2024 provides a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts from various fields within the powersports industry. The seminars and workshops conducted by these experts offer valuable insights into the market, emerging technologies, and safety practices. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, these sessions provide a platform to expand your knowledge and gain a competitive edge. Take advantage of the Q&A sessions to get your burning questions answered and learn from the experiences of these industry leaders.

Discover the Latest Innovations

The AIMEXPO is renowned for being a platform where manufacturers and industry players showcase their latest innovations and products. From state-of-the-art motorcycles to cutting-edge accessories, you'll have the opportunity to witness the future of the powersports industry firsthand. Stay updated on the latest advancements in electric vehicles, engine performance, safety gear, and more. With hundreds of exhibitors under one roof, the AIMEXPO 2024 is the ideal place to discover groundbreaking technologies and trends that will shape the industry for years to come.

Test Ride the Hottest Models

One of the most thrilling aspects of the AIMEXPO is the opportunity to test ride the latest models from various manufacturers. Experience the adrenaline rush as you take a ride on cutting-edge motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, and other powersports vehicles. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking to upgrade your current ride or a beginner eager to try something new, the AIMEXPO offers a safe and controlled environment to test and compare different models. This hands-on experience allows you to get a feel for the performance, handling, and features of these vehicles, helping you make an informed decision when it's time to make a purchase.

Network and Build Connections

The AIMEXPO brings together a diverse community of powersports enthusiasts, industry professionals, and dealers from around the country. Take advantage of the networking opportunities available at the trade show to build connections and foster relationships within the industry. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for powersports and exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge. Establishing connections with manufacturers, distributors, and other key players in the industry can open doors to new business opportunities, sponsorships, and collaborations. The AIMEXPO provides the perfect setting to expand your network and strengthen your presence within the powersports community.


The AIMEXPO in Las Vegas in 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about powersports. From discovering the latest products to networking with industry professionals, this trade show offers a unique and exciting experience. Mark your calendars for February 6th to 9th, 2024, and join thousands of enthusiasts in Las Vegas for the ultimate powersports extravaganza. Whether you're an industry professional looking to stay ahead of the curve or a powersports enthusiast eager to explore the latest innovations, the AIMEXPO 2024 has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of powersports and be a part of the industry's future.

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