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What is a PRE-ORDER and why?

2020 PRE-ORDERS/ COVID-19 Update * During times of high sales volumes our company works with the manufacturers to PRE-ORDER temporarily out of stock / sold out machines, so that PRE-ORDERS are filled first automatically when our inventory arrives before it is listed back In Stock on our website for sale and before we supply the other online dealers with inventory. We typically have numerous containers arriving though the ports and to our distribution warehouses every month to maintain enough of a supply to cover the entire Nation, but our sales volumes are currently extremely high and our inventory is selling out as quick as we can stock it. This is a great option to ensure you get the machine you want as fast as you can possibly receive it, during these high sales times.

November/ December 2020 Update * Containers are arriving weekly and we are filling PRE-Orders first, as fast as we can. Thank you to our customers for their patience and understanding.

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