Tao Motor DB17 Gas Powered 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes

Tao Motor DB17 Gas Powered 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes

Tao Motor DB17 Gas Powered 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes

DB17 Off Road 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes

Are you ready to hit the dirt trails with power and style? Look no further than the Tao Motor DB17 Gas Powered 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes. Designed for young riders seeking adventure and thrill, this dirt bike offers an incredible off-road experience.

Powered by a 125cc four-stroke air-cooled Honda-style engine, the DB17 delivers reliable performance and durability. With Honda OEM parts, you can trust the engine's quality and performance. Whether you're tearing through dirt tracks or exploring rough terrains, this bike is built to handle it all.

One of the standout features of the DB17 is its oversized front and rear hydraulic disk brakes. These brakes provide rapid deceleration, offering enhanced safety and control. You can confidently tackle any obstacle and have peace of mind knowing you can stop quickly when needed.

The DB17 Dirt Bike gets its name from the 17'' front rim and 14'' rear rim. These dimensions are paired with tubeless knobby off-road tires, capable of handling any condition effortlessly. Whether you're riding on muddy trails, sandy dunes, or rocky terrain, the DB17's tires will provide excellent traction and stability.

For added comfort, the DB17 features an inverted front fork suspension and an adjustable mono-shock. These components absorb shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. You'll be able to navigate rough terrains with ease, enjoying maximum control and stability.

When you choose the Tao Motor DB17, you not only get an exceptional dirt bike, but also outstanding warranty and support. It comes with a one-year engine parts warranty, covering any defects or issues with the engine. Additionally, there's a three-month electrical parts warranty, providing peace of mind for the electrical components. As a Tao Motor customer, you'll also have access to lifetime technical support, ensuring you receive assistance whenever you need it.

Ordering the Tao Motor DB17 is hassle-free and convenient. When you purchase today, you'll enjoy complimentary freight shipping throughout the US. This means you can get your dirt bike delivered right to your doorstep without any additional shipping costs. It's a great value that adds to the overall satisfaction of your purchase.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of off-road riding with the Tao Motor DB17 Gas Powered 125cc Youth Dirt Bikes. Take advantage of the exclusive features, exceptional warranty, and complimentary shipping by clicking here to explore more and make your purchase today.

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