Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle Review

Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle Review

Spotlighting the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycles

The Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is a powerful Street Legal machine with a reliable 125cc air-cooled semi automatic engine and fortified frame. This bike is designed to be strong and durable enough to handle all your off-road needs. Experience smooth, consistent performance and unparalleled power.

Experience the classic look of the Honda Monkey with the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle. This bike features the classic design of the iconic Monkey, updated with a powerful 125cc 4-stroke engine, kick-start, No clutch, and telescopic suspension for an enjoyable riding experience.

Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is an excellent choice. With its powerful engine and sturdy frame, this motorcycle is built to provide a thrilling and reliable riding experience. Whether you are cruising down the open road or tackling challenging off-road terrains, this motorcycle will deliver.

One of the standout features of the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is its classic design. Inspired by the legendary Honda Monkey, this motorcycle captures the essence of a timeless icon. The retro styling combined with modern technology makes for a truly unique and head-turning ride. You'll feel like you're riding a piece of history while enjoying the performance of a modern machine.

But the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is not just about looks. It is equipped with a powerful 125cc 4-stroke engine that delivers impressive performance. Whether you're zipping through city streets or navigating rugged terrains, this motorcycle will provide you with the power and speed you need. The semi-automatic transmission allows for smooth gear shifts, making it easy to handle for riders of all levels of experience.

With its sturdy construction and durable components, the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is built to last. The fortified frame ensures stability and strength, while the air-cooled engine provides reliable performance, even in demanding conditions. This motorcycle is designed to handle whatever adventure you throw its way, whether it's a weekend off-road excursion or a daily commute.

When it comes to safety, the Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle doesn't disappoint. It features a hydraulic front and rear brake system for optimal stopping power. The seat height from the ground is 29.1 inches, providing a comfortable riding position for riders of various heights. Additionally, the motorcycle has a top speed of 50+ mph, allowing you to keep up with traffic and enjoy exhilarating rides.

The Icebear Champion 125cc Motorcycle is not only a reliable and powerful machine, but it also offers great value. With free shipping in the continental 48 United States, a one-year internal engine parts warranty, and lifetime technical support included, you can purchase this motorcycle with confidence and peace of mind. It's a great investment for both experienced riders and beginners.

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  • Engine: 125cc Four Stroke Air Cooled Gas Engine
  • Dimensions: 65”L x 23”W x 39”H
  • Recommended Age: 16+
  • Max Weight Cap: 350 lbs.
  • Fuel Cap: 1.5 Gallon
  • Tire Size: Front - 3.50-10/2.75-10", Rear - 3.50-10/2.75-10
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Semi Auto
  • Brake System: Hydraulic front & Rear
  • Speed: 50+ mph
  • Adjustable Speed Governor: No
  • Wireless Remote Start/Stop: No
  • Safety Stop Lanyard: No
  • Seat Height from ground: 29.1”
  • Starting: Electric & Kick

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