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New TaoTao DB17 Off road 125cc Dirt Bikes Back IN Stock with free Shipping

These Awesome 125cc Youth Dirt Bike can hold up to 400 pounds. So, Adults can ride it, but it is perfect beginners machine for larger kids and teenagers. The TaoTao DB17 off road 125cc youth dirt bikes have a 5 speed manual transmission and an average cruising speed of about 35 to 40 miles per hour. The frame is made from 12 gauge steel that is MIG welded to ensure our high quality standards are met on every machine we have to offer. These machines are green stickered certified and have passed emissions standards for all 50 states. The DB17 off road 125cc youth Dirt Bike is equipped with over sized front and rear Hydraulic Disk Brakes for fast stopping power. this off road dirk bike is equipped with a mechanical Kick Start, Dual front compressed coil shocks & a Rear Mono Shock that is adjustable for the riders comfort. This dirt bike has 17" rim in the front and 14" rear rim, along with Knobby Off Road Tires that cut through any condition with ease. This 125cc Dirt Bike comes standard with an air cooled 4 stroke Honda Style gas engine that can accept OEM Honda replacement Parts if needed. The 125cc Youth Dirt Bike comes complete Free residential shipping in the USA and a Free $80 motocross helmet included. Only $899.00

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