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Kids Gas Powered Four Wheelers with free sipping

The 110cc Small Kids ATV is the prefect machine for beginners. This ATV is equipped with a 4-stroke gas engine with a maximum speed of about 28 MPH. With safety in mind, this machine has also been equipped with three key safety features: a speed governor that allows you to limit the machine’s top speed to as low as 5 MPH; a remote control with kill function that works from up to about 300 feet away; finally, the 110cc Small Kids ATV is equipped with a tether strap that can be clipped to the operator - should the operator fall or jump off of the machine, it will kill the engine and the machine will coast to a rolling stop. The 110cc Small Kids ATV comes in a variety of colors sure to please even the most picky rider! This ATV is built with a tubular 12-gauge steel frame, meaning it’s durable enough to last many rides.

Why buy from Q9? Q9 Powersports USA partners with our manufacturers to provide a special rebate program to you: participate in an ATV safety training course and receive a $50 rebate for doing so! Here at Q9 Powersports USA, we pride ourselves on providing a unique, positive experience for our customers. We offer technical support to all of our customers, regardless of the situation. Our goal is to make each and every customer feel 100% satisfaction with their purchase and support.

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