Introducing the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV for Kids Age 12+

Introducing the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV for Kids Age 12+

Introducing the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV for Kids Age 12+

The Nitro 125cc Off Road Youth Four Wheeler is a top-of-the-line vehicle designed specifically for young riders aged 12 and above. This powerful ATV combines safety features, performance, and durability to provide an exhilarating off-road experience for kids.

Nitro 125cc Off Road Youth Four Wheeler

The Nitro 125cc Off Road Youth Four Wheeler is equipped with a Honda-style 125cc 4-stroke, fully-automatic gas engine with reverse gear. It features oversized dual front drum brakes and a high-performance rear hydraulic disc brake system, providing superior stopping power.

This ATV also includes safety features such as LED headlights and brake lights, an adjustable throttle limiter to regulate the top speed, and a wireless remote control for remote shutdown and anti-theft alarm initiation.

With 19" rubber knobby off-road tubeless tires, this ATV offers excellent traction and stability on various terrains. The dual adjustable front compression coil shocks and rear adjustable mono-shock ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for young adventurers.

But safety is not the only factor that sets the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV apart. Its sleek design and vibrant colors make it visually appealing to young riders. The ergonomic seating position and easy-to-use controls provide optimal comfort and control, allowing kids to confidently maneuver through challenging trails and obstacles.

Parents will appreciate the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV's adjustable throttle limiter, which allows them to control the vehicle's top speed. This helps ensure that young riders can gradually increase their speed as they gain experience and confidence. The wireless remote control adds an extra layer of safety, allowing parents to remotely shut down the ATV or activate the anti-theft alarm if necessary.

Ordering the Nitro 125cc Off Road Youth Four Wheeler includes several benefits. In addition to the fast freight shipping across the United States, customers will receive a one-year warranty on engine parts and a three-month warranty on electrical parts. Tao Motor ATVs also provide lifetime technical support, giving customers peace of mind knowing that assistance is just a phone call away.

As part of Tao Motor's commitment to safety, they offer free ASI online ATV safety courses with every purchase of the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV. These courses are designed to educate young riders on safe riding practices and proper ATV handling techniques. Upon completion of the courses, customers will also be eligible for a $50 manufacturer's rebate, making the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV an even more attractive choice.

Unfortunately, the Nitro 125cc Youth ATV is not available for sale to California residents at this time. However, customers from other states can take advantage of the free shipping in the continental 48 United States, which is a $300 value. Additionally, the ATV will be delivered to residential addresses with the complimentary liftgate delivery service, providing convenience and ease of delivery.

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