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Small kids ATVs with Reverse | Smallest 4 stroke Kids ATV with reverse

gas powered small kids four wheeler with reverse drive
The Rock 110cc small Kids ATV is the smallest gas powered youth four wheeler that offers reverse gear. Fully automatic with hand shifter.
Free shipping in the United States. One year warranty and lifetime tech support. Online ATV safety courses included with Rock 110 ATV. Ages 10+
Engine Type Automatic, 152FMI 1 + 1
Start Type Electric Start
Transmission Chain Drive
Engine Gear F-N-R
Shift Gear Hand
Engine Capacity 110ml
Max Engine Power 4.5kw / 7500r /min
Max Torque 6.9 N.m / 6000 (r /min)
Ignition CDI
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.3 L
Maximum Speed 31.1 MPH
Exhaust Pollutants (EPA) CO ≤ 3.8% HC ≤ 800ppm
Startup performance ≤ 15s
Side slip ≤ ± 5m / km
Braking distance 30km /h ≤5.9m
Startup acceleration performance 0-200m - 30km / h ≤18s
Beyond acceleration performance 30km / h 0-200m≤16s
Maximum noise ≤ 80dB
Climbing angle ≥ 12 º

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small kids four wheeler with reverse drive

Front Hand Brake Hub
Rear Foot Brake Disc Brake
Tire Front 145 / 70-6
Tire Rear 145 / 70-6
Front Suspension 265mm ± 2
Rear Suspension 255mm ± 2
Remote Control Yes
Speed Limiter Yes
Engine kill switch Yes
Battery 12V/5Ah
Wheelbase 863 mm
Turning Radius 55.1 inches
Steering Angle 30 º ± 2 º
Front braking force ≥300N
Rear braking force ≥350N



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