Advice when buying a 50cc Scooter for your College kid

Advice when buying a 50cc Scooter for your College kid

Advice when buying a 50cc Scooter for your College kid

When it comes to providing transportation for your college kid, a 50cc scooter can be an excellent choice. Not only are they fuel-efficient and budget-friendly, but they also offer a convenient way for your child to get around campus and explore the surrounding areas. However, before purchasing a scooter, it's essential to consider a few factors to ensure you make the right choice. Here is some advice to help you in the process:

Research Local Laws and Regulations

Before buying a 50cc scooter, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding scooters. Different states and cities may have specific rules about licensing, registration, and insurance. Make sure your college kid understands and follows these regulations to avoid any legal complications.

Consider Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when buying any vehicle for your child. Look for scooters that come equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes, automatic transmission, and bright headlights. Additionally, ensure your child wears proper safety gear, including a helmet, gloves, and reflective clothing, while riding the scooter. Safety courses or training programs are also beneficial for new riders to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Choose a Reliable Brand

Investing in a scooter from a reputable and reliable brand is essential for its longevity and performance. Research different scooter brands, read customer reviews, and consider factors such as warranty, customer support, and availability of spare parts. Opting for a well-known brand will also make servicing and maintenance easier. It's recommended to choose a brand that has a strong presence and a network of authorized service centers in your area.

Test Drive Before Buying

Encourage your college kid to test drive the scooter before making a purchase. This will give them a feel for the scooter's handling, acceleration, and overall comfort. It's important that they feel confident and comfortable while riding the scooter, as this will contribute to their safety on the road. Additionally, testing the scooter will allow them to assess if it meets their specific requirements and preferences.

Consider Maintenance and Repair Costs

When buying a scooter, it's important to factor in the maintenance and repair costs. Research the average costs of routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire replacements, as well as the availability of service centers in your area. Understanding these costs will help you plan and budget accordingly. It's also a good idea to learn basic maintenance tasks, such as checking the oil, changing spark plugs, and cleaning the air filter, to save money on regular servicing.

Insurance Coverage

While 50cc scooters are generally less expensive to insure compared to larger motorcycles, it's still important to consider insurance coverage for your college kid's scooter. Look for insurance plans that provide liability coverage, medical coverage, and theft protection. Shop around and compare different insurance options to find the best coverage at an affordable price. Some insurance providers also offer discounts for completing safety courses or maintaining a good academic record.

Teach Responsible Riding

Before handing over the scooter to your college kid, make sure they understand the importance of responsible riding. Teach them about road safety rules, defensive driving techniques, and the potential risks associated with riding a scooter. Emphasize the need to always wear safety gear and to never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Encourage them to be aware of their surroundings, anticipate potential hazards, and follow traffic laws.

Consider Storage and Security

When buying a scooter, think about storage options on campus or in your neighborhood. Does your college kid have a secure place to park the scooter, such as a garage or designated scooter parking area? If not, consider investing in a sturdy lock or chain to secure the scooter to a fixed object when not in use. Additionally, educate your child on theft prevention measures and the importance of never leaving valuable items on the scooter.

Explore Maintenance and Repair Resources

Before purchasing a 50cc scooter, it's helpful to research and familiarize yourself with available maintenance and repair resources. Look for authorized service centers or qualified mechanics who specialize in scooters. Having a reliable source for maintenance and repairs can save you time and ensure that your college kid's scooter is always in good working condition.

Consider the Weight Limit

When buying a scooter, it's important to consider the weight limit specified by the manufacturer. Ensure that the scooter can comfortably carry the weight of your college kid and any additional items they may need to transport. Exceeding the weight limit can affect the scooter's performance, stability, and overall safety.

Finance Options

If purchasing a 50cc scooter outright is not feasible for your budget, consider exploring financing options. Some scooter dealerships offer financing plans with affordable monthly payments. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the financing agreement, including interest rates and repayment schedules, before making a decision.

Consider Weather Conditions

Depending on the location of your college, it's important to consider the weather conditions your college kid may encounter while riding the scooter. If the area experiences heavy rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, it's essential to ensure that the scooter is equipped with appropriate accessories such as a windshield or handguards. Additionally, educate your college kid about safe riding practices under different weather conditions.


Buying a 50cc scooter for your college kid can be a practical and efficient transportation solution. By considering local laws, safety features, reliable brands, test driving, maintenance costs, insurance coverage, responsible riding, storage, maintenance and repair resources, weight limit, financing options, and weather conditions, you can make an informed decision that ensures your child's safety and satisfaction. Remember to prioritize safety and provide your college kid with the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy their scooter responsibly. With proper care and attention, a 50cc scooter can be a reliable and enjoyable mode of transportation for your college kid's daily commute and adventures around campus.

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